How does it work?

The codes from Go Sc*n Yourself are connected to our internal servers, so we use the QR technology to allow you to update anytime you want any link you imagine to your Go Sc*n Yourself hoodie. So that means anyone who scans your code will see whatever you chose to upload… (even if it is kinky)

What do I do if I don’t want the code I uploaded anymore?

Don’t worry. You can upload the link of your choice anytime you want. You only need to log into your account on www.goscanyourself.com, paste the link you like, and submit it.

Will my QR code fade away over time?

What? No of course not! We don't print our QR codes, we use embroidery and it will last a lifetime!

How many times can I change my QR link?

Any time you want!

Is there international shipping?

We do have international shipping! Once your order is placed and dispatched, you will receive a tracking number.