Show off your best looks with the first interactive streetwear on the market. Become the new trending topic from the crowd and let everyone know about you by uploading any content you like whenever you want.

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The Streetwear That Speaks For You

Let everyone scan your hoodie and get to know you better. Go from sharing your Spotify playlist to your favorite meme or, if you are in a bit of an urgency… your OnlyFans profile in just a few seconds.

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Infinite Ways 

Update the QR code from your hoodie every time you want to! It doesn’t matter how often you change it. Feel free to express yourself.

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All Eyes On You

Turn heads everywhere you go and become the center of attention, just like an artist. Be ready; everyone will point their phones at you!

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  • Carbon-neutral

  • Customer support 24/7

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Money-back guarantee

  • 1. Get Your Unique QR Code

    Buy your favorite hoodie and get your unique embroidered QR Code.

  • 2. Choose Your Link

    Copy the link of your choice and paste it into your Go Sc*n Yourself profile. The QR Code on your hoodie will update in seconds!

  • 3. Go Sc*n Yourself!

    Get out there, let everyone scan your code, and let the game begin!